B2B marketing copy and content writer for complex products and services

If you market something that takes a lot of explaining, I’ll bet you have your hands full producing all the collateral it takes to do the job.

When deadlines loom and your internal staff is tapped out, you need a marketing-savvy writer who can hit the ground running, even on your toughest projects.

You can toss me your most challenging topics and I’ll be up to speed in nothing flat. My wide-ranging education and experience includes law, business, finance, taxation, consulting, organization development, public policy, legislative analysis, history, science, and environmental issues.

What’s more, my experience as a marketing communications director gives me a strong handle on what makes people buy — and what makes you succeed.

Learn more about how I’m different, take a look at what I can do for you, or let’s just talk about what I can take off your plate.

— Pam McAllister


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